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Beyond Objectification: The Empowering Essence of Burlesque Fitness

When one hears the word 'Burlesque', thoughts of a Christina Aguilera movie or women stripping on stage may come to mind. Dance of a sensual nature may feel inappropriate or dirty. You may think that burlesque is in the same category as stripping or pole dancing. And in some ways you would be correct, depending on intention. But it is also a medium or means of artistic expression and a way to embrace your body and connect with other empowered women.

Am I Too Shy for Burlesque?

You may feel apprehensive to join a class because you're shy and timid or worried about what someone may think of you. I encourage you to reframe those thoughts and allow yourself the freedom to try. Burlesque Blast is not only a great workout, but you will start to feel more confident, empowered, and connected to yourself. You can definitely perform for a significant other and spice things up with a sexy striptease. But Burlesque Blast is about loving your body and accepting it as it is - caressing every lump and bump and enjoying your curves. With this love, compassion, and self-acceptance comes increased self-esteem and respect. Although you may start out shy at first, once you become comfortable with who you are, you will be unapologetically you and surrounded by other likeminded, empowered women who will be your hype team, squad, and tribe, building each other up and ruling the world.

Am I Too Old for Burlesque?

Age has nothing to do with Burlesque and everyone is welcome. You may find that after a few classes, the fitness, strength, confidence, and sensuality you've built up help you feel younger than ever. Women are beautiful at every stage of life, and some may argue are like fine wine - better with age. A more mature dancer will bring something that a younger performer may not. As we mature, we tend to become more comfortable with who we are, our bodies, and how we take up space in the world. These are lessons that can be invaluable.

Is It Objectifying and Demeaning?

Most certainly not! According to one performer, Porcelain Alice, "the art of burlesque is a place where women are in charge, are their own boss and even encourages some confidence-building objectification". Burlesque is about body positivity and the idea that anybody can do it, regardless of shape and size. It is not based on beauty standards. At first burlesque fitness or dancing feels weird. It feels weird to love yourself. But as you become more familiar with the art, the environment, the people, and yourself it becomes empowering and a space where you are in charge. You are in charge of how you view your body, feel your body, take up space in the world, and display yourself.

Burlesque classes are inclusive. Everyone is welcome and everyone is respected. Everyone is encouraged to love their body and embrace it wholeheartedly.

It is a form of feminine expression. It combines the stamina and control of pilates and other such workouts with the sensuality and sexual theatrics of burlesque and dance.

And what is more empowering than learning more about yourself? You may discover a facet of yourself that you had hidden. You may be more creative than you realized. Or have an inner sex goddess (Side note: subscribe to receive notifications for upcoming blog posts, workshops, and collabs, including the benefits of sensual self-care and inner sexuality).

Whether you want to try Burlesque Blast as an introduction or a means of trying dance with the intention to perform, to lose weight and feel healthier, or to love your body and become more confidence and empowered, everyone is welcomed and celebrated. Let's join together and use Burlesque as a means of empowerment and community to build each other up and embrace the bad b!tches that we are! Love you and can't wait to see you there!

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