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Top Things to Do In Waterton, Alberta - Waterton Tourism

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

If you've seen my social media or read my previous post, you will know how much I love Waterton. I'm so lucky and grateful to have such an amazing place so close to home. When we leave to embark on our adventure as nomads and travel the world, Waterton will be one of the sites I will miss the most.

Here is our list of the Top Things to Do in Waterton, Alberta!

Hike the Trails

Waterton National Park has some of the most amazing hiking in all of North America. There are several trails, which vary in difficulty and duration, so there is something for everyone. The National Park website, Waterton Tourism, and the AllTrails app are excellent resources! Just prepare ahead of time and download the trails on the app prior to arriving since you won't have access to wifi.

We have encountered some adorable wildlife on our hikes, including mountain goats and very hungry and curious chipmunks.

During the summer and peak hours, the trails and roads can become quite busy and parking may be difficult to find. If you visit during these times, prepare to get some extra steps in and have a lot of patience. But the visit will certainly be worth it!

Waterton Tourism

Rent a Bike and Explore - Waterton Tourism

Bike rentals, e-bikes, and surreys are available for rentals from Pat's at very reasonable and affordable prices. They're a great way to explore the townsite and trails. And the people at Pat's have always been so friendly and polite.

The surreys are a fun and unique way for the whole family to ride around and take in the sites around town. And with the recent addition of e-bikes to the fleet, they make riding the hills much easier.

Visit the Shops & Restaurants

All the activities can work up quite the appetite! The town has several adorable shops and restaurants to power up for the day. You'll find something for everyone, including hot dogs, pizza, tacos, ice cream, locally brewed beer, and much more! Prepare to pay a little more, but it's to be expected in tourist areas. And it's worth it to support local businesses! The employees and owners are friendly and have always made our visits a great experience.

Find the Parks Canada Red Chairs

If you haven't heard of the Parks Canada Red Chairs, check out their website. They're a fun little scavenger hunt and there are a couple of sets in the Waterton area. Not only is it enjoyable to try and find them, but they are placed in spots with breathtaking views and you can't help but feel relaxed and at peace while you take in the sounds and sights around you.

Take a Shoreline Cruise

Hop aboard one of the shoreline cruises and explore across the Canada-USA border. You can expect to see lots of wildlife, spectacular views, and enjoy scenic stops. The local guides provide entertaining commentary. Certainly an exciting way to experience the park.

Visit the Prince of Wales Hotel

Take in the beauty and admire the craftsmanship of the hotel which put Waterton on the map. The construction was not easy and there were many factors that had to be overcome. But for over 90 years, this architectural treasure has overlooked the town and blessed guests with breathtaking views. This is one of our favourite spots to take pictures!

Dark Sky Guides

This is a new discovery for us and although we haven't experienced it yet, it is on our itinerary for our next trip! Waterton's indoor Planetarium dome allows guests to enjoy the night sky even when the weather doesn't cooperate. More information is available through their website.

Rent a Boat

Cameron Lake Boat Rentals offer several options to explore the spring-fed mountain lake, including:

  • Kayaks

  • Canoes

  • Paddleboards

  • Peddle Boats

  • Row Boats

Stop in to check out their other goods, such as apparel and fashion, art, crafts, and jewelry.

With so much to do and see, I recommend taking at least two days to visit. We have made two day-trips so far as a family and still have so much left to explore! Waterton really is one of our Nation's treasures and one of our favourite places to visit.

Click here to book your guided tour with transportation from Calgary:

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