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Amanda Siltala is a Registered Yoga & Meditation teacher, Psychology student, Life Coach, and owner of Balanced & Blissful.

amanda siltala


Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Fitness Instructor, Life Coach & Owner

My own personal development journey started in 2012, while going through a divorce.  I was a single mom, raising two young children, and was struggling to make it.  I met with a Psychologist who changed my outlook and changed my life.  And then my world was turned upside down again in 2017 when my ex-husband committed suicide. Since then, I've continued to grow and work on myself.  And now I am helping others to take control of their lives, make a change, and find hope and fulfillment.  I've seen the impact the strategies and techniques have made, in my own life and in the life of others, and can show you how to make them work for you, too.

I am passionate about empowering others to create the lives they've always wanted, heal trauma and shadows, and manifest abundance and positivity.  

I'm a mother of 2 teenagers, RYT-200 Registered Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Fitness Instructor, Mental Health & Life Strategist, and student achieving my BA Psychology major.  I am devoted to making a change in the world.

My goals over the next few years are to grow Balanced & Blissful into a successful Wellness Centre & Retreat, developing a wide range of sessions, workshops, and retreats, to expand my business, and complete my schooling to receive my Masters (and eventual Doctorate) in Psychology.  

My core values include integrity, strength, courage, family, freedom, security, and safety.

Thank you for sharing your journey with me!

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